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Shameless Sharpton.

by Kyle Rogers

“Shameless” Al Sharpton and “Spittin'” Jesse Jackson are rushing to capitalize on the death of a 12 year old boy in West Memphis, Arkansas. According to police, the 12 year old boy aimed a toy gun at police and an officer shot him after he refused calls to drop what officers thought was a real gun. The officer who fired the fatal shot is on leave pending an investigation, but so far all the evidence supports the officer.

Meanwhile, in a Brazilian slum of Alemao, police killed 19 people and wounded dozens in one day during a drug raid. In fact, 44 civilians have been slain by police officers in this slum of 160,000 people in just the past two months. Two officers have also been killed.

Let’s not forget that Sharpton himself participated in at least one pro-Robert Mugabe rally in Harlem. Mugabe is the dictator of Zimbabwe who’s goon squads have murdered thousands of people. He also expelled thousands of white farmers from Zimbabwe leading to the mass starvation of his own people. Mugabe has even withheld international aid to villages that voted for his opposition to intentionally starve them.

So let’s put this into perspective. The vast majority of local law enforcement use great restraint when apprehending violent criminals. Restraint that is completely non-existent in the 3rd world, and especially in Africa.

Why doesn’t Sharpton and Jackson go march in Brazil of Zimbabwe?