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Tancredo introduces immigration bill.


Presidential candidate Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) yesterday unveiled his Optimizing Visa Entry Rules and Demanding Uniformed Enforcement (OVERDUE) Immigration Bill.

“Congress must take on the tough issues and follow through on what we’ve been sent out here to do and serve in the best interest of the people we represent,” said Tancredo. “For too long the special interests and political heavy weights have tried to sell us on the need for an Amnesty and justify their refusal to enforce the law, but the American people fought back and said no thanks”

Tancredo added, “Today I am introducing a piece of legislation that will undoubtedly be unpopular among the political elites, big business and big labor, but it is legislation that this country has been calling for, and I dare to say, needs.”

Some of the Bill’s provisions include:
– Restoring America’s immigration system to more traditional numbers and encourages the assimilation of America’s most recent great wave in prioritizing nuclear family admissions, tightening the investor immigrant criteria, and tightening the employment-based green card category to ensure that prospective immigrants who will uniquely contribute to American society are admitted.
– Eliminates “chain migration” in accordance with the recommendations of the Jordan Commission. – Eliminates the “visa lottery” in accordance with the recommendations of the Jordan Commission.
– Ensures that automatic birthright citizenship accrues to children born in the U.S. only if at least one parent is a citizen or lawful permanent resident.
– Makes voting in a foreign election a basis for potential loss of citizenship.
– Suspends the Visa Waiver Program until DHS makes certain certifications to the Congress.
– Prohibits states from granting in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens on the basis of graduation from a U.S. high school (in addition to residence) unless they offer the same rate to all U.S. citizens.
– Affirms the inherent authority of State and local law enforcement officers to enforce the immigration laws of the United States; requires Federal immigration authorities to respond to requests for assistance from State and local authorities.
– Appropriates funds necessary to fully reimburse providers of federally mandated emergency medical treatment of illegal aliens, but only if the individual provider collects and reports to DHS all citizenship information and other non-clinical information concerning each illegal alien treated.

Tancredo said earlier of the bill’s origins, “Throughout the immigration debate, out of touch amnesty-only critics of enforcement have tried to hide behind their cry of ‘what is your solution?’ Well this week we will show them and the President what immigration reform should look like and what the American people deserve.”