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The Afro-Scouts.

Afro ScoutsAs more blacks in the US seek ways to self-segregate, the media gleefully supports them. Would the same media give good press to a group called the “Euro-Scouts?”


A roomful of children wearing caps emblazoned with “Afro Scouts” eagerly answer their scout master Azikiwe Ayo who asked, “Are you ready?” “Yes, Mr. Ayo!” comes the loud reply.

Ayo teaches in Sacramento’s Del Paso Heights School District. Ayo explained many of the students are lagging behind. All five schools in the tiny district are on program improvement plans because of low test scores.

Ayo has the scouts read together and punctuate each sentence. “Today is Monday 2007, period. It is very warm, exclamation point.” The 31-year teacher veteran said the Afrocentric curriculum holds the scouts’ interest.