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The Marketing of Evil.

Marketing of EvilFrom

It was like blinders came off my eyes after I read this. I began to go to school and each day I’d see more and more how my generation had bought the lie and swallowed it. I realized that I and so many kids in my high school had been hoodwinked by MTV. There’s a force out there that wants evil in my life and my generation’s life. It’s not just the fact that they want our money. They are purveyors of evil.

It disgusted me to see so many of the so-called “coolest” and looked-up-to kids being revered when in fact they were suffering from a hideous identity crisis. Any white senior wearing a Malcolm X hat backwards and intentionally altering his voice so as to sound like an uneducated black male raised in the ghetto is nothing but a joke to me now. The strange thing is, this is what my peers like and respect.