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The Regime Against the State.

Bush retaliates against America. By Kyle Rogers.

During the final days of debate over the Senate Amnesty bill, a White House press release threatened to withhold border control efforts until the bill is passed. The bill was finally killed on June 26th. Now president George Bush seems to be making good on the White House threat. The 6,000 National Guard agents stationed on the border, who are largely symbolic and can only perform very limited tasks, are being reduced to 3,000.

This comes at a particularly sinister time, as the Bush administration has also recently released information that terrorist are coming. Bush’s Homeland Security Secretary told the press just this week that he believes terrorist attacks are on the way, stating “Al Qaeda might try to attack the United States this summer.”Reports from law enforcement on the border say significant numbers of Arabs are crossing our southern border illegally.

In fact, George Bush’s own White House Press Secretary Tony Snow stated yesterday, “that doesn’t mean that there are not terrorists who are going to try to find plane tickets, who are going to try to get across the border, of course, they are.”

Let’s recap. America is still being flooded with illegal aliens who cross our southern border. Among those illegal aliens are people from all over the world, including the Middle East and Central Asia. Bush’s own people say Al-Qaeda is trying to get in. Al-Qaeda wants to commit another terrorist attack on scale with 911 or bigger. George Bush is reducing border security.