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What excuse now?

Now that medical doctors have been implicated in Islamic terrorist bomb plots, devastating the liberals argument that terrorists are disenchanted members of society, what excuse will liberals use now? The British National Party wants to know.

From BNP News Team…

The liberal-left apologists for Islamic violence have had their flawed arguments well and truly shattered in the wake of the failed trio of attempts to bring death and carnage to the streets of Britain. Every single daily national newspaper is today carrying headlines which we have been using for years, every paper headline will give us another batch of votes and another batch of membership enquiries.

Claims by liberals that poverty, discrimination and “exclusion” fuels young Muslims living in Britain and around the Islamic world to extremist clerics who radicalize them to become terrorists and suicide bombers, have any shred of credibility they may have had totally destroyed as the backgrounds of the individuals behind the thwarted Glasgow Airport attack are revealed.

Security sources believe 12 individuals were involved in the attempt to detonate gas cylinders in the main hall of Glasgow Airport on Saturday (30th June) afternoon.

Eight people have so far been arrested in the hunt for the car bombers who tried to cause carnage in London and Glasgow. Six of them are NHS doctors.