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2007 CofCC National Conference

cofccgroup.JPGOur 2007 National Conference was a HUGE success.

You can listen to the keynote address by Jared Taylor. Listen to Speech.

Speech by Adrian Davies. Davies has handled a number of high profile freedom of speech cases in England. He spoke at the CofCC conference on how multiculturalism has effected England.

Introducing Adrian Davies, is Atlanta attorney Sam Dickson, Esq.

Listen to speech.

The following article was printed in the Greenville Times Examiner. The Times Examiner also printed a crowd shot and a picture of Jared Taylor.

Council of Conservative Citizens National Conference in Greenville, South Carolina

By Kyle Rogers

The Council of Conservative Citizens [CofCC], a national conservative organization, held their annual National Conference at the Greenville Holiday Inn on Friday and Saturday June 1st & 2nd.

Over 250 people attended the conference over the course of both days. There were 18 featured speakers. Participants from about 30 different states, as well as Canada and England were present. The event began with the 37th semi-annual CofCC National board meeting Friday morning.

The Conference started at 1:30 PM Friday with a special panel entitled “how to be an activist.” Dr. William Carter and Kyle Rogers, who have organized numerous anti-amnesty protests during the past year in South Carolina, were included on this panel. They explained in great detail how they organized a mass rally in front of Lindsey Graham’s Greenville office April 29th, 2006 that drew over 1,000 people.

Prof. Micheal Terry, who speaks nearly 20 languages, spoke on how the ballot initiative to ban affirmative action in Michigan passed with 58% while the Michigan Republicans, who refused to support the initiative, were swept from power in the 2006 election.

Other speakers Friday included Alabama SCV State Commander Leonard Wilson, Esq., Lt. Lou Calabro, Rev. Col. Robert Slimp, and others.

Wilson, who has been a leader in the Alabama right-wing since 1956, gave a rousing call to arms. Lt. Lou Calabro, a veteran of the San Francisco Bay Police Department spoke about the Zebra Killings. The Zebra Killers were followers of the Nation of Islam who murdered large numbers of white people to win points and earn “black angel of death wings.” At least 15 people were killed in San Fransico, while over 100 other unsolved murders in Southern California and other states are classified as possible victims of the Zebra killers.

Col. Robert Slimp, a Presbyterian minister gave a solemn speech about the plight of the South African Boers. Slimp played a musical video by South African country music singer Bok Van Blerk entitled Delarey.

After a break for dinner, the entertainment session began at 8:00. Teenagers Derek and Renee led the crowd in an extended version of Dixie. Then Mel Jones and the Bag of Bones, a popular band from Yadkinville, NC entertained the crowd for the next two hours.

Saturday, Memphis Talk Radio Show Host James Edwards, and video production engineer Willi Edwards gave an excellent talk on creating our own conservative media. James Edwards has been featured on CNN as an authority on race relations three times in the past month.

Dr. Brent Nelson, author of the Balkanization of America and Dr. Miles Wolpin, Professor Emeritus of SUNY held a panel on illegal immigration and the North American Union.

Barrister Adrian Davies, an English trial lawyer who specializes in freedom of speech cases, gave a very entertaining speech on the Balkanization, and Ghetto-ization of England due to rapid immigration. Davies explained how parts of England now resemble third world countries, were rival immigration groups battle each other and Muslim clerics recruit Jihadis.

The keynote speaker was Jared Taylor, author of the bestselling Paved with Good Intentions, who was greeted with multiple standing ovations.

The camaraderie at the conference and the level of talent and experience was unparalleled. Many people, who had never been to a CofCC conference before, remarked at how it was the best conservative event they have ever attended. One resident of Spartanburg remarked to me, “I had no idea an organization like this existed. I finally feel like we have hope.”