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ADL Denies Holocaust. News Team

Hypocrisy of the ADL, by Kyle Rogers.

The ultra-left wing “Anti-Defamation League,” which has been successfully sued for both criminal activity and defamation in the past, has caused a new controversy for denying the Holocaust of Christian Armenians at the the hands of Muslim Turks during WWI. Christians of Greek and other backgrounds were also slaughtered.

The current government of Turkey denies that is slaughtered Christian Armenians during WWI. Socialists in Europe support the Turkish governments claim, because they want the EU to admit Turkey. Admitting Turkey would swing the current EU parliament further to the left and allow millions of new Muslims to enter Europe, providing a greater Socialist voting base.

The ADL appears to support the Turkish denial, because Turkey is one of Israel’s most important allies. Turkey is Israel’s only Muslim ally, and the only country in the Middle East with a military alliance with Israel. US ambassador Henry Morganthau Sr, US ambassador to the Ottoman Empire at the time, said “the whole history of the human race contains no such horrible episode as this.”

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