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ADL exposed in Watertown, MA newspaper. News Team

“It [Turkey] has a magnificent history of tolerance.” – ADL Director Abe Foxman. The hypocrisy of the ultra-left ADL has become so blatant that the mainstream press in liberal Massachusetts can’t stomach it.

From Watertown, MA TAB…

It’s a sad but undeniable conclusion. The ADL overlooks and excuses Turkey’s genocide denial. It’s deplorable and contradictory. Nevertheless it’s their Constitutional right to do so. However, it’s time for them to stop the elaborate masquerade. The ADL is supposed to cultivate tolerance and advance human rights. It should stop acting like a self-serving lobby, wearing its social conscience only as an ornate costume.

The ADL’s behavior has other unintended consequences. The rapport between the Armenian and Jewish communities is being strained. And therein lies the distressing irony. The ADL, which is so devoted to fighting anti-Semitism, is actually fostering resentment amongst Armenians towards Jews. So much for promoting “No place for hate”!