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BET cartoon shocking both blacks and whites. News Team

Bomani Armah, a singer from Washington DC, is so desperate for young blacks to clean up their act has recorded a profanity fueled diatribe about it. He screams at blacks to read a book, eat healthy, improve their hygiene, take responsibility for their children, and stop spending money on spinning car rims. The song is sung to the tune of Beethoven’s 5th symphony.

BET, the Black Entertainment Channel has aired a cartoon video, with equally insulting visual images of young blacks, sparking outrage among both blacks and whites who say it’s offensive and “racist.” Some on the BET message forum, however, say they approve of the song because black culture in the US has sunk so low that this could be the only way to reach young blacks.

Warning. This song contains gratuitous profanity and racial slurs.

[youtube rN2VqFPNS8w]