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Did black Muslims kill editor of black newspaper? News Team.

The editor of a black newspaper in Oakland was killed, and police raided four buildings in connection to the murder. Most notably, Police raided the Oakland “Your Black Muslim Bakery.” Black Muslim bakeries in Southern California have gone hand in hand with murder since the 60’s.

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Note: At least one of the Zebra killers, known as the “Black Angles of Death,” was a cook at a Nation of Islam owned bakery in the Bay area. The Zebra killers were responsible for more murders in San Fransisco in 1973 and 1974 than all the famous “Civil Rights Killings” put together. (There are 40 murders that are known as the “Civil Rights Killings” occurring between 1954 – 1968. Police believe the Zebra Killers slew a minimum of 72. While countless tv shows, Hollywood movies, and documentaries are made about the 40 Civil Rights Killings, the 72 or more whites killed by the “Black Angels of Death” are completely forgotten.)