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European Union. News Team

European right wing gaining steam. By Kyle Rogers

The Far Right “Identity, Tradition, and Sovereignty” coalition in the European Union has picked up 3 more members since it’s inception last winter. The addition of Romanian and Bulgaria members to the European parliament allowed far-right independents to create the coalition with 20 original members, the minimum required. Existing members from the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Austria, and Italy joined with new members from Romania and Bulgaria to form the grouping. The EU has two other right-wing “euro-sceptic” alliances, but these groups don’t take as bold a stand on the preservation of unique ethnic identities throughout Europe.

In 2009, an election will be held for 27 seats in the European Parliament. (This will be the first major election since 2004.) The trend across Europe is a slow march towards the Right. In much of Europe, Leftist, Socialist, and Communist parties are losing ground (with the exception of heavy immigrant areas), and center right and far right parties are gaining ground. Several nations have seen dramatic shifts to the right in just the past two years. If this trend continues, the 2009 EU elections should result in a significant reduction of Socialists, Communists, and Leftists, while the European Democrats and right-wing alliances stand to make big gains.

Current make-up of the EU
278 European Democrats (center right)
216 Socialist
104 Alliance of Liberals & Democrats (social liberals, some libertarians)
44 Union of Europe for the Nations (right wing, “euro-sceptic”)
42 Greens (leftists/environmentalists)
41 United Left (communists Parties)
24 Independance/Democracy (right wing parties hostile to EU)
23 Identity/Tradition/Sovereignty (far-right)
13 Unaffiliated Independents

Percentage of MEPs from the right wing: 11.8%
Percentage of all MEPs right of center: 47.8%

2009 will be an exciting year for Europe.