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For Sale: The United States of America….any takers?

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

Over the past few days President’s Calderon and Bush along with Prime Minister Harper have been engaging in the biggest sell out of national sovereignty on this continent. While President Bush failed to secure amnesty for illegal aliens this past summer, he has not slacked off in his attempts to integrate Mexico and Canada in with our country. The SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) is yet another step in the dark road NAFTA was meant to take us on. Its final destination is a one way transfer of wealth to Mexico City on a model similar to the European Union. Our government is not content with just engaging in socialism at home, it must look abroad for bigger game. The late J. Edgar Hoover summed it up best when he said, “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

Many warned about this path from NAFTA’s inception, with the best arguments against coming from its biggest defenders. Henry Kissinger said ‘NAFTA is a major stepping stone to the New World Order’. How right he was and not for our benefit. NAFTA was never meant for us, the American middle class, but instead for the globalist elites that dominate the institutions of government, business, and media. What is good for Wall Street is good for America and if we don’t believe them then just ask Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or just read the Wall Street Journal. For the elites a nation is just an abstract social construct that bears no meaning and deserves no meaningful loyalty. Their sense of patriotism and loyalty goes as deep as that of the Praetorian Guard of Rome. To he whom holds the gold, Hail Caesar!

Economics is the new god for our society and those that preach otherwise are labeled xenophobic, nativist, racists. This frame of mind and government is the true legacy of Abraham Lincoln. The only thing Lincoln truly emancipated was the monster of central power whose shackles weigh us down ever more with each passing year. The barriers against the power of the State were eliminated and government became the property of those who could fill its coffers the most. Free trade and open borders are their commandments. As Jeroboam once said to the Israelites when they asked for a reprieve, “my father scourged you with whips; I shall scourge you with scorpions.”

And scourge us they have with ever growing enthusiasm. The American people have ceded more and more liberty to the central power in DC who’s only reward is to demand more and more. The government’s greatest betrayal of we the people came with the 1965 Immigration Act. The city gates were flung open and the hordes of the Third World have poured in. We collect languages and cultures like millionaires collect cars, the more the merrier. Our dominant European culture has receded under the sheer burden of numbers and the welfare state. Where American-Europeans were 90% of the population in 1960, in 2007 we are less than 70%. As Dr. Sam Francis told us it is only our culture that could have created the wonder that was America and Western Civilization. Now however like toys a child has outgrown we are to be discarded and replaced for the benefit of our elites who dine on cheap labor and the taxes taken from the dwindling American middle class. The sad fact is these immigrants share not the common attachments of Faith, Family, and Fireside that have bound us together since the first days at Jamestown. Instead they embrace Aztlan and or see America as a milking cow to be milked dry in the service of their own land.

As Third World immigrants, legal and illegal, have poured in to transform the culture we know and love our manufacturing base has been sold out piece by piece. The elites embraced globalism and saw the jobs that our people rely on as nothing more then expendable pawns in their chess game seeking a New World Order. All this has led us to today with George Bush steadily selling off more and more of our country regardless of consequence. Those who have watched Gods and Generals remember all to well the scene with General Jackson proclaiming the need to defend home and fireside against the despotic machinations of the Lincoln Administration. Well now it’s our time and the march against liberty continues just as relentlessly now as it did then. Ever since April 1865 state sovereignty and our constitutional republic have been in retreat. Are not our values worth fighting for? Shall we sit back and let our culture wither and die just to have future generations look at us as we look at Rome? May such a day never come to pass.

The SPP is but the final covert step before an overt transfer of American sovereignty to a continental authority who does not represent anything we stand for. Our values are our own and we need no multinational union to replace that which our Forefathers gave blood and soul for. This nation has taken a beating for decades and it seems that few have been willing to stand up and say enough’s enough. Well that’s not the case here. Here we are all united with one common purpose: to take America back. Back to when you could leave your doors unlocked at night, back to when Christian faith was celebrated and not scoffed at. Back to when we as a whole nation knew who we were and were proud of it.

If you are one of the Middle American Radicals (MAR’s) that Dr. Francis wrote of during his time with us stand up and be counted. If you are tired of seeing the erosion of liberty stand with us. If you are angry about the assaults on our culture then this is the place for you. We urge you to join now before it’s too late and know forever that you stood as a righteous man or woman in the cause of American liberty.