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Hating Whitey. News Team

A Reader writes in:

Every heavyweight boxing championship is currently held by a Caucasian boxer.

WBA champion is Ruslan Chagaev of Uzbekistan of Eurasian ancestry.
WBC champion is Oleg Maskaev born in Kazakhstan to Russian parents.
WBO champion is Sultan Ibragimov of Russia
IBF & IBO champion is Wladimir Klitschko of the Ukraine

Compare this reality with the movie comedy “The Great White Hype” which makes out White heavyweights to be inferior to Black heavyweights. The movie is currently being broadcast over and over again on HBO.

The Great White Hype is a comedy spoof on the great White hope. In the movie the Black boxing promoter is distressed because he is loosing money on heavyweight title fights because people aren’t paying to watch the heavyweight fights of Black heavyweights fighting other Black heavyweights. The Black promoter proclaims that the biggest grossing fight ever was Larry Holmes (Black) vs. Gerry Cooney (White). So he searches for a White heavyweight to fight his Black champion to make a lot of money. He finds a former amateur named Terry Konklin, who knocked out the Black champion in his amateur career. So they get Konklin a shot at the heavyweight title without ever having a pro fight. The Black champion Roper refuses to train for the fight and becomes fat. As Roper goes to the ring to fight Konklin he says “my Blackness will beat him”. So Roper puts out a cigarette and goes to the ring fat and out of shape and knocks out the White fighter in one round. In the movie a group of the promoter’s people watch real fights of White guys getting knocked out in dramatic fashion by Black heavyweights. The people are all mocking White heavyweights as being inferior. They show Tommy Morrison getting knocked out by Ray Mercer for instance.