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Hazelwood City Council Attempting To Ban Hunting And Firearms Discharge!

nra-10.jpgFrom the News Team…

On Wednesday, August 15, the Hazelwood City Council is expected to consider a far-reaching ominous proposal that bans all discharge of firearms within the city limits, even where it is safe to do so. This proposal effectively strips gun owners of their ability to sport shoot, hunt and defend themselves and their loved ones outside of their homes from a violent attack! That’s right, if this proposal were to pass, even the discharge of a firearm in self-defense outside of your home would be banned in Hazelwood!

While the direct impact of this measure will first be felt by law-abiding hunters, sport shooters and gun owners living in Hazelwood, the practical effect is that all Missourians, non-resident hunters and sport shooters will be prohibited from hunting and shooting within the city limits. Moreover, every resident, as well as those law-abiding gun owners passing through Hazelwood, would be denied their right to defend themselves and their loved ones – effectively gutting your Right-to-Carry.However, if you act now, we can stop the City Council before it is too late. Regardless of whether or not you live in Hazelwood, it is crucial that you make plans to attend the city council meeting on August 15. If you are unable to attend, please contact the city officials listed below and urge them to protect your right to self-defense and your hunting heritage by rejecting any proposal that bans the discharge of firearms!

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