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Michigan CofCC event a big success. News Team

The Michigan CofCC hosted a Summer Conference on August 4th in Lansing. The speakers included Jared Taylor, Paul Fromm and John Raterink.

The meeting began with a brief speech by Michigan CofCC Chairman John Raterink covering Practical Activism. Ideas were offered on such topics as Media relations, public relations, and basic recruitment. Time was spent pointing out that it doesn’t do any good if we keep our viewpoints to ourselves. We have an enemy (the Left) who wants to both shut us up, and shut us down. It is our responsibility to both aggressively and actively ensure that America does not further become a Third World Nation and her Christian values regain preeminence.

Paul Fromm (National Board member and Canadian Activist) spoke on the Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama effect on America. With Hillary’s past infatuation with Radical Saul Alinsky, she has to continually remake herself to be acceptable by mainstream liberals. Both Obama and Clinton represent a new symbolism in America that will further chip away at America’s European ideals, and Patriarchal structure as well as its Christian foundations. Paul cited many, many sources as to the actual family of Barak Obama and Hillary’s radical leftist politics.

Jared Taylor (President of the New Century Foundation and editor of American Renaissance) presented the cases of the Laura Dickinson (Eastern Michigan University Student who was raped and murdered by a Black and how the University covered up the case), as well as other Horrific Crimes not covered by Major media. If they were, the fact that it was a Black on White crime was underreported, if reported at all. Jared exposed the hypocrisy of those who deny the existence of Race. Many experiences were shared by this long-time Author and Race expert.

We also had notable Author and Professor Philippe Rushton in attendance After a fine meal, the speakers and attendees engaged in questions and answers.

The meeting was enjoyed by all, and plans are in the works for another.

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