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Michigan CofCC to hold major meeting tomorrow.

Michigan Council of Conservative Citizens
P.O. Box 224 Caledonia, MI 49316
(269) 945-5079

Hello, The Michigan CofCC will host a Summer Conference Saturday, August 4th at 2:00 in Lansing, MI.

Speakers include:
Jared Taylor, Author of Paved with Good Intentions, and many others, CEO of American Renaissance. Jared will speak on the Cover-up of the EMU Rape and Murder of Laura Dickinson, and other Cover-Ups

Dr. Wayne Lutton, Social Contract Editor, Contributor to Middle American News and Nationally recognized authority on Immigration. Dr. Lutton will cover the Virginia Tech Shooting and the Illegal Immigrant impact upon Crime

Paul Fromm, Noted Canadian Activist, Lecturer and Author. Paul will speak on the political relationship of Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Casual dress is required. No T-shirts or Blue Jeans.

Schedule of Events:
2:00 Paul Fromm
3:00 Wayne Lutton
4:00 Jared Taylor
5:00 Dinner (you are responsible for your own dinner and drink expenses)
6:30-? Question and Answer Panel Discussion with the guest speakers.

The cost of attending this memorable event is:
$15.00 per person
$20.00 per family