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Militant Chicanos get vicious over Pete Wilson statue. News Team

We have reported many times in the past the culture cleansing in South Carolina that occurs when an area becomes majority Hispanic. Streets, schools, and plazas named after famous Americans are renamed after famous Mexicans. In one city, Hispanic city council members used taxpayer money to erect a monument containing anti-white slogans. As reported on in past, when a group of mostly white people held a protest at the monument they were attacked by a mob of Chicano militants. Many wearing masks and/or carrying Marxist insignias. An elderly woman had to be treated by paramedics after being attacked.

Now some of the more aggressive Chicano radicals are calling for a statue of former California Governor Pete Wilson to be vandalized after it is erected. The fact is that if California keeps becoming more Hispanic, odds are this $100,000 statue will be torn down by a majority Hispanic city council in the not so distant future.

[youtube IK4Tdul9EJk]