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The hatred of the far left. News Teams

UPDATE. Shortly about exposed this incendiary column of the Hartford Advocate website, it was taken down. If anyone saved a copy of the column, please forward a copy to this website. Thanks.


In the Aug 3rd online edition of the Hartford Advocate, of Hartford, CT, is instructions on how to use and obtain a legal psychedelic drug, praise of Tibetan Buddhism, a piece calling immigration enforcement activists “neo-nazis,” and a column viciously attacking the Duggar family in Arkansas.

The Duggar family just had their 17th child. The Hartford Advocate called the mother a “bitch in heat” and “queen bitch.” The children are called “puppies” and the family is called “freakish,” along with several paragraphs of vicious profanity laced hate filled denunciations of the family.

The column also says the family is ripping off the taxpayers who pay for public schools. It fails to mention that all the children are home schooled and don’t cost the taxpayers anything.

This is the real hate. The hatred of the left wing against conservative white Christians. The real reason for the despicable attack is that the author hates the fact that conservative Christian families have far more children than liberals. White liberals are a dying demographic, who do not have enough children to replace themselves. This is why leftists and socialists are in love with 3rd world immigration. They vote for the left by a huge margin. This is why Socialists in France, Belgium, Portugal, and Spain have flooded their own countries with 3rd world immigrants. As support for the Socialist parties wane, they need a massive stream of new immigrant voters each year to maintain their power.

This is an issue has talked about before. Do you think for one instant that the other would ever tell a black welfare mother to stop having children? Would he dare admit that illegal aliens are bankrupting the southwest by looting social services? Notice how he attacks a middle class family who home schools as “drain on public services.” The length that leftists will go to concoct an argument is mind boggling.

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