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ADL exposed as hypocrits by Jewish Newspaper

Comments by John Kennedy (New England CofCC)

A Jewish Newspaper denounces the ADL as a politically motivated, anti-American special interest group. Apparently successfull lawsuits and legal action hasn’t been enough to bankrupt and destroy the ADL, but when there own speek out against them in a hostile manner, the end could be closer than we hoped, for the ADL. They are denying the Armenian genecide at the hands of the Turks and using there money and power to slander those who challenge them on there sincerety. The ADL is the countries most well funded and government protected hate group, and there own actions will be there downfall, at least according to some journalists for the Jewish Advocate.

The recent outrage against the Anti-Defamation League may be the beginning of a lot more. This time they offended a group – the Armenian community – that isn’t intimidated by their wealth and power. Others may take notice.

Formally recognizing the Armenian genocide of 1915 posed a political problem for the ADL, so they chose to ignore it. It was an interesting dance for an organization that sells itself as a defender of human rights. The Armenian community finally got very angry and vocal, and forced the town of Watertown to boot the ADL out. After much waffling, the ADL was forced to back down. But it wasn’t about principle. It was shameful political calculus.

At the center of things is the ADL’s local “No Place For Hate” program, started in 1999 and now in dozens of towns across Massachusetts. It’s a brilliant scheme. The ADL and local liberals persuade a town that it needs to be “certified” to be hate-free by bringing the ADL’s anti-hate programs, particularly in the schools, and posting the ADL’s slogans and logo.

To many citizens, it’s quite insulting that an outside group determines that their community is (unbeknownst to its residents) such incubators of bigotry and hatred that they and their children need special training. It becomes laughable in towns like Newton.

But what’s really offensive is that what’s being marketed as “anti-hate” is actually a radical left-wing agenda: a saturation of anti-traditional values – militantly pro-homosexual, and fiercely anti-Christian – with a heavy dose of intimidation against anyone who disagrees.”

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