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Amnesty Alert: Senate Attempts to Sweep Amendments under the Radar

By: “The Unreconstructed Southerner”

Another month and our politicians are again attempting to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. Not quite willing to be embarrassed again like a few months ago, this time they’re attempting to be coy about it. The second highest ranking Senate Democrat, Dick Durbin (D-IL) is wanting to pass the “Dream Act.” This would mean all illegal aliens who have leeched off of our system by going to school on our dollar get to stay legally.

In essence, they are rewarding bad behavior- which is nothing new for the United States Senate. Of course, this is the compassionate thing to do (they tell us) since these poor illegals worked so hard here and made a productive effort. If the illegals were really so productive they would have come here legally instead of having us pay for their schooling and recieving in-state tuition like they do here in my state of North Carolina. In reality, this “Dream Act” is a nightmare for all Americans who follow the rules, pay their taxes, and obey the law.

Lest this be strictly a Democrat intiative, the Republicans are getting in on the act to make this “under the radar” amnesty a truly bipartisan moment on Capitol Hill. It seems the only times the two parties get together we all get the shaft. And that’s exactly what Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) wants to do by vastly expanding the H1B Visa program. This is a visa program essentially brings “qualified” workers into the United States to take the jobs Americans won’t do. What it in reality means is “take the jobs at wages Americans can’t afford.”

On the qualified front, Lou Dobbs blew this falacy out of the water by exposing that over 60% of H1B visas are given to workers doing low wage labor jobs, not the high technology jobs the program is allegedly supposed to fill. This measure has the great support of Senator and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who is trying to curry favor with the increasingly powerful Indian lobby. Yet another sellout to the Third World of American workers by our politicians.

The same Senator Cornyn who is trying to bring more foreigners here to take American jobs also tried to stop an amendment to prevent Mexican truckers from coming into the United States. It was only the righteous anger of the American people that prevented these Senators from legalizing the invasion and eventual death of America as we know it this past summer. Now these same politicians are trying to sneak one by us with the hopes that we will be paying too much attention to another OJ Simpson trial. (I urge everyone in the C of CC to call your Senators and Congressmen to urge them to oppose the “Dream Act” Amendment and Senator Cornyn’s H1B Visa expansion amendments. They are attempting to attach the amendments to the Defense Appropriations Bill HR 1585.)  

If we value the future of our nation, we will rise up and stop this sellout of Americans. God Bless and Deo Vindice!