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At least 1,000 Belgians are veteran Jihadis. News Team

A new report finds that at least 1,000 young Muslims who grew up in Belgium, have left to fight in Islamic Holy Wars in other countries and returned with combat experience.


These are people who left from Belgium to the battle zones and then returned.
The battles have made them more radical. This information is the result from an investigation done by the police and national security services , says Glenn Audenaert , head of the Belgian federal police in Brussels.

“They are extremists , fundamentalists and especially trained combatants.
I will not call them terrorists although they could become just that , says Audenaert.

“They are relatively young people who grew up in Belgium, some of them have the Belgian nationality. They left as “jihadi” (holy warrior) to Iraq , Pakistan , Afghanistan , Chechnya , …to fight their diabolized enemy under a foreign flag. Their combat experiences made them more fanatic. Their speech is more fundamentalistic than ever.

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