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Break up Iraq, Invade Iran? What's going on in the Senate? News Teams

(by Kyle Rogers)

The Senate passed a resolution last Tuesday denouncing the Iranian military as a “terrorist” organization. Critics believe the resolution indicates that the Senate will support a war against Iran. While the resolution was a major news story in Israel, it was largely ignored in the US media until Iran declared the US military a “terrorist organization.”

The bill passed 76-22, and a majority of Democrats voted in favor of it. It seems Democrats have abandoned their 2006 election year anti-war rhetoric. Anti-war groups are being especially critical of Hillary Clinton, who voted in favor of the resolution.

In related news, a Senate amendment calling for Iraq to be divided into three federal regions along ethnic and religious lines also passed 76-23. Almost all Democrats and over half of the Republicans voted in favor of it. The votes appears to be a complete reversal of earlier sentiment and an admission of failure in “democratizing” Iraq.

Iran also condemned any plans by the US to federalize Iraq. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said today that Iran considers the US Senate resolution calling for creation of federal regions in Iraq “a blatant act of interference in the country’s internal affairs which runs counter to Iraq’s sovereignty and solidarity.”

The comments by the Iranian Minister are most likely intended to embarrass the United States among the international community. Iran, which is bordered by several hostile neighbors, potentially has the most to gain from a divided Iraq. The southeast section of Iraq would by Shi’ite and a potentially valuable ally for Iran. It would also serve as a buffer zone against any repeat of the brutal Iraq-Iran war and would be hostile to the idea of allowing the US to stage military operations. It would also put Shi’ite Muslims in control of a huge percentage of the world’s best oil fields.

The Senate seems to realize a multicultural Iraq is futile, yet it is still hell-bent on a multicultural America. The Senate is openly encouraging illegal aliens by refusing to appropriate funds for so-called enforcement bills already passed. Will the United States need to be divided into federal regions along ethnic lines in the near future as well?