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Brutal hate crime goes unpunished and unnoticed by the media. News Team

Six black teenage thugs entered a white neighborhood with the goal of victimizing as many whites as possible. In their own testimony they admit they were looking to beat up white people.

One carried a gun and shot a young white man through the neck killing him, when he fought back against his attackers. The alleged gunman remorselessly giggled on the stand when talking about wanting to beat up white people.

The defense attorney argued that they couldn’t be certain which of the six thugs actually fired the gun so he should be acquitted. A heavily black “OJ Simpson style” jury brought back an acquittal. The alleged gunman will probably face a couple years on a weapons violation.

From the Philadelphia City Paper…

Fifth Amendment aside, whoever pulled the trigger — I’d vote to convict even before Wednesday morning’s closing arguments — hurt a whole lot of people more than he could harm himself by manning up. But here’s what gets me as riled up as watching a dead kid’s family suffer: Six black kids consciously decided to target white people for victimization, and that is no less a hate crime than dragging someone behind a pickup in Texas.

That they were teens, or that the prosecution needed their cooperation to get a conviction — which could’ve come as early as Wednesday afternoon — means nothing. They set out to catch a white body and they got one, leaving countless lives and families shattered on both sides of Girard in their wake.

If the races were flipped, this’d be a national scandal. But instead, it’s just another day in Philadelphia’s justice system, and at least five racist, violence-prone little punks will walk away scot free with enough life in their bodies to play their sick little “game.”