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Dynamite truck explodes after crash, kills 34. These Mexican Tankers are coming to a highway near you

Comment by John Kennedy (New England CofCC)

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Tractor Trailer Truck killing 34 people and injuring 10’s more in America. Our country is lowering its standard of living for cheaper priced products and it’s going to come back and bite us. This Mexican trucking program is going to be a disaster, and when that happens, don’t say the Council didn’t warn you!

While the truckers are protesting the Mexicans, there union rep.’s are trying to recruit them and spending there union dues to do it. These truckers are out of work and picketing, and there reps are recruiting Mexicans to take their place because they haven’t the guts to stand up to the democratic party and force them to look out for the worker.

If the unions don’t realize they need to re-earn there respect from the democrats, they will dwindle away and die, because even if they recruit the Mexican, he’ll be next on the picket line and a new Mexican will be taking his place. The Dem’s assume they got the union vote and so they know they don’t have to cater to them, the unions are in the Dem’s pocket. What a disgrace, wake up working man, your days are numbered and both parties are equally responsible, we’ve been betrayed!

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