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Eyewitness account from Brussels. News Team

An eyewitness account of the mass arrests in Brussels after the Socialist government banned an international demonstration. Read previous news items below for more details.

About half an hour before the demo I got out of Brussles central station. Before I could walk 60 feet from the station I was stopped by the cops and arrested, along with many other people, even a tourist from Germany who didn’t even know there was a demonstration.

I immediately tried to call my lawyer but my phone got taken away before I could reach him. I was arrested by cops that “didn’t speak Dutch”, the official language in Brussels, after I gave them some sarcastic verbal abuse they instantaneously learned Dutch. I got my hands bound with tie-raps and was transported to jail.

At the jail were about 200 arrested demonstrators, we were put in small cells, 4 to 9 people per cell. After a while I got taken out for a strip search. This took place in an open cell, opposite to the cells of other demonstrators so they could watch. I have no problem with nudity, the attempt of the cops to embarrass me did not work.

At some point an older chap got some problems, probably a hart attack. The cops let him lie on the floor to figure out what to do. After about half an hour the had some medics take him away, the guy had been unconscious for a while then.

About 8 hours after my arrest I was released. They had lost some of my stuff which ticked me off, but for the rest all was fine. Most of the cops at the jail were Flemmish, unlike the very abusive Wallonian cops many were uncomfortable with our arrest, they let us chant all we pleased. The usual residents off the jail, you guessed it Muslim “youth”, were removed and brought to another location or perhaps released. Not strange because we gave them a hard time singing and shouting slogans.