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GOP Debate: Facts and Fallacies

By: “The Unreconstructed Southerner”

The GOP debate in New Hampshire saw the gauntlet thrown down for the eight contenders that actually decided to show up. Usually, most of us can agree on this, the debates are merely a regurgitation of the same old Stupid Party talking points we hear on a regular basis. The debate may have started that way, but before the night was over the neoconservative orthodoxy was challenged and the natural order disturbed in a way not seen since Pat Buchanan last sought the nomination.

With the polls, a near rebellion over amnesty legislation, and states and localities cracking down on immigration of course the top contenders rushed to cover their right flank. It is however all too obvious that Guilianni, McCain, and Romney have made this fight out of political convenience, not conviction. One of the GOP’s only true mavericks, Tom Tancredo, dared voice this concern and in a manner only a man of principle could do. This Third World invasion is shaping the debate more and more and with men like Tancredo pushing the agenda we can all rest assured that our concerns would at least receive attention as opposed to the contempt we have received from King George II.

The highlight of the evening would have to be the clash between Ron Paul and the entire Republican world. True to his convictions as the day he first walked onto Capitol Hill, Dr. No proceeded to indict the conventional wisdom foreign policy in a manner not seen since Pat Buchanan’s “A Republic, Not An Empire,” and his subsequent 2000 challenge for the GOP nomination. When confronted by the Fox News moderator as taking marching orders from Al Qaeda, Paul thundered back “We should take our marching orders from the Constitution!”

Enter into the fray Mike Huckabee. Governor Huckabee has been more than a disappointment to conservatives as he is in line with the Bush Administration on most issues and is only militantly conservative on abortion. Huckabee tried to state that our national honor is most important and staying the course in Iraq was well worth the GOP going down in November. If this isn’t the Stupid Party logic speaking I don’t know what is. Dr. Paul had the last word stating that it was up to We the People to correct the mistake, and not to let the Party continue the mistake.

All the Fox anchors couldn’t wait to proclaim McCain and Huckabee the winners of the debate. Yet low and behold as happens more and more, Ron Paul led the post-debate polls taken by the viewers with 32% as the final total according to Ron Paul’s office. His nearest competition didn’t break 20%, which Fox News accordingly buried or lambasted the accuracy thereof. The gap between the media elites and the people can’t seem to grow any wider. The challenge posed to the Establishment candidates by men like Hunter, Tancredo, and Paul can’t be understated. True conservatives are leading the charge to retake not just the Republican Party, but also our Republic.

The Council of Conservative Citizens has many unique opportunities to shape the issues of the coming campaign. This year we have opportunities in the Virginia, Kentucky, and Louisiana elections followed by the Presidential primaries among all the other primary state challenges. This is our opportunity to shape the debate and to ensure that our concerns are the Republican Party’s concerns if they want to win in November 2008. The hour is late and the darkness may come, but we march steadfastly onward to battle for Faith, Family, and Fireside. God Bless and Deo Vindice.