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Jared Taylor responds to SPLC smear. News Teams

Recently the SPLC validated Jared Taylor and American Renaissance by attacking Pat Buchanan for quoting Taylor’s research on crime rates. The SPLC did not say any of the information was wrong. They simply attempt to demonize anyone who repeats the information.

Jared Taylor…

You would think an organization with nearly $200 million in the bank and a budget of close to $30 million (according to its filings with the federal government) could do something right.

But not the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

On August 21, commentator Patrick Buchanan quoted a few statistics from my New Century Foundation study, The Color of Crime, in his syndicated column posted on his website, on VDARE.COM and elsewhere. He noted, for example, that blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks, and that they are seven times more likely than other Americans to commit murder.

This is just the sort of thing the SPLC doesn’t want you to know. One of its writers, named Heidi Beirich, went right to work, trying to keep anyone else from quoting The Color of Crime ever again.

Did she try to prove that blacks do not commit more violent crime against whites than blacks?

Or that they are not more likely than other groups to commit murder?

Of course not; the facts, all from government sources, can’t be refuted. Instead she screamed that the New Century Foundation is “white supremacist,” and that our publications and research are racist, racist, racist, racist. (She can’t say that often enough—she used it, on average, every 85th word.)

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