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Justin Barker speaks out. Confident that justice will prevail. News Team

Each day more information about the brutal racially motivated assault comes out proving that the was right all along and the major left-wing newspapers have been systematically printing erroneous information about the story.

Justin Barker, victim of Jena, LA racially motivated assault.

The ones who attacked me are getting money for beating me up. People are sending money for their defense, even though their lawyers are doing it for free, so they are getting free money. And, their mothers are now driving Jaguars, Mercedes and Envoys. They spend it as fast as they get it. It makes me upset and it makes me mad. Paying them for being criminals.

People need to realize what is going on, speak up and speak their mind. I’ve got to work every day, while the attackers sit there on a couch, or sit on some bench, with sleeping-pants on. Something needs to be done. Robert Bailey even posts a page on MySpace stuffing his mouth with hundred dollar bills he’s been sent, above a caption that there are no fifties in his stack.

I was suspended from school for a year because I had a gun in my truck. I can’t even go to the ball-game. It was a hunting-rifle and was in plain-sight. I had carried it for years. It was no different than so many others do around here. I do not believe that that was right, but I take what comes my way and try to do what’s right. I live out in the country from Jena, at Belah, and appreciate the encouragement that everyone has given to me. I hope that I can hear from many more people.

So here I am with a bleeding ulcer, as a result of them kicking me after they knocked me unconscious. But, I’m feeling and trying to do better, now, and am coming back. I come from good stock. I’ve been listening to the ones supporting my attackers on the television saying that taking a swipe at Jena is just one more nail in the coffin of America. But, they don’t know what God can do. We are going to win.