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Left-wing gang member kills immigrant fisherman. News Team

John J. Haley, a member of a neo-Marxist street gang in Chicago was charged in the drowning death of a 62 year old Vietnamese man who was fishing off a pier. On July 31th, Haley pushed a fisherman off a pier and was charged with aggravated battery. Haley returned to the pier Labor Day weekend and pushed a 62 year old man off who drowned. Haley has now been charged with first-degree murder.

Haley and his friends are members of a violent neo-Marxist street gang called Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice, or SHARP. Haley had previously been arrested for manufacturing and distributing cocaine, but only served six months in prison.

Similar “anti-racist” neo-Marxist street gangs have committed violent acts in a number of Northeastern cities in recent months. An “anti-racist” group beat to death a returning Iraq War veteran at a punk rock concert in Massachusetts. The gang began the assault over a Confederate flag t-shirt.

Recently “anti-racist” gangs pulled a couple out of their car and beat them near a rally in Morristown, NJ which called for the Federal government to enforce immigration law. The female victim was struck on the head with a metal pipe and required medical treatment. Other members of the same gangs involved in the Morristown, NJ attack had been arrested in Philadelphia, PA less than one week earlier for smashing the windows of a police vehicle when it stopped at an intersection.

The left-wing ADL was asked to comment on “anti-racist” gangs but immediately downplayed them.

Read Article from Chicago Tribune.