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Libs, NeoCons to GOP: Pander to minorities or else…

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

The Stupid Party is actually showing some signs of intelligence and the hint of a lightbulb flickering in their heads. With the exception of Quisling in Chief John McCain, the entire field of GOP candidates refused to follow the Democrats in participating in a Spanish language debate. That the election of our President should be debated in OUR language, the English language, is as much a matter of common sense as it is anything else. If you are to be in this land you should speak English, and if you don’t you should learn fast or else be left behind. The Republicans also refused to take place in a forum focused on black issues. It is not as if they didn’t already know what was to be asked of them. More money, more affirmative action, and more pandering.

The temerity of the candidates in doing so has been met with the usual cries of derision and finger wagging in the media. The GOP missed an opportunity, the GOP should be more tolerant, and the GOP is throwing away votes. One question I might ask is this, HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO THROW AWAY VOTES YOU NEVER HAD IN THE BEGINNING?! Blacks have since 1964 voted overwhelmingly against conservatives and Republicans. George Bush won at best 8% of the black vote in 2004 if that. Hispanics also vote overwhelmingly for the pandering party that has become the Democrat Party. At best Hispanics voted 40% for Republicans in the 2004 election. These figures can’t be denied. Republicans and conservatives have never had the minority vote to loose.

This is not the point so the media says, if they even acknowledge the GOP’s poor showing amongst minorities come Election Day. The point for them is that the GOP must show itself to be progressive; the GOP must show itself to be tolerant. If the GOP wants to win elections in short, they must become more like Democrats as minorities surge in numbers and as a share of the electorate. This is in fact the sinister truth behind the media’s chiding of the GOP. They want the GOP to totally drop any opposition to affirmative action, forced busing, English as a national language, and minority entitlements. The GOP should drop any semblance of opposition to the social agenda of the left if they are to win elections.

This is a selective viewpoint at best as over 85% of the American people want English to be our national language. The American people have opposed busing since it’s inception and have voted with their feet and moved into neighborhoods where they need not worry about their children being sent to strange schools in strange neighborhoods. And in the Council’s biggest triumph to date, blue-state Michigan decisively voted to ban affirmative action in a year that was a wall to wall liberal triumph. The majority of Americans are with conservatives on these key social issues. If only the Republican Party would think to pick up the ball and run with it they would be guaranteed triumph.

Enter stage left the neoconservatives who have been the bane of conservative politics since they quit being Democrats in the 1970’s. These Trotskyites idolize everything that conservatives have opposed for over a century and spit in our face when we dare to oppose them. They have no problem admitting that Abraham Lincoln, FDR, and Martin Luther King were great Americans. No matter that they each brought us socialism, tyranny, and villainy in their own way. Instead of fighting against the horrid government activism of the entire 20th Century the neocons seek to enshrine it while capitulating in battles that many have given life and limb for. M.E. Bradford and Sam Francis, God rest their souls, had the scars to prove it from their battles with these snakes in our midst.

Jack Kemp, the same man who stood against Proposition 187 in California, came out swinging at the GOP for their refusal to pander to the minority crowd. Then enter Newt Gingrich who states that it was a mistake rooted in stubbornness for the GOP not to attend these debates. Well let it be stated here and now that it was not a mistake. While Giuliani, McCain, Romney, Huckabee, and Brownback are nothing more then neocon pawns it was refreshing to see them turn down these debates. Now one can only hope that more and more politicians will not sell out America’s erstwhile European majority for the purposes of pandering to the ethnic lobby crowd and the lily white guilty conscience types in the media.

The battles ahead will determine whether our country, our heritage, and our people will survive the 21st Century. It is up to each and everyone of us to stand firm and to not kneel before the false gods of diversity and Cultural Marxism. It is only with faith in the God that gave us life, and in our Savior who bought our Redemption, that we will weather the storms of this tumultuous era to restore our Republic to its rightful place as God’s country. Stand up and be counted by joining the Council of Conservative Citizens today!