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Media turns WV kidnapping into major media event, ignores hundreds of whites murdered by blacks. News Team

by Kyle Rogers

Remember the accusations levied at the media over the Christian & Newsom kidnapping/rape/torture deaths. Conservative columnists argued that the gruesome murders, as well as hundreds of others, were being covered up by the media in the name of political correctness. Christian & Newsom were a young white couple and the savage killers were all black. All the evidence indicates that Christian & Newsom were targeted because of their race.

Recently six black thugs entered a white neighborhood in Philadelphia and randomly assaulted whites, shooting one. An OJ Simpson style jury acquitted the shooting suspect saying there was no way to be sure one of the other five wasn’t the gunman. The accused gunman laughed in court when he testified that they were looking for any white people to beat up. The media has completely blacked out this news story.

Now a case has appeared in West Virginia in which a black female is believed to have been kidnapped, sexually and physically abused by a group of white males. The victim survived. Because this is an extremely rare instance when whites appear to have committed a violent crime against a black victim, it is a major national story.

According to statistics published by the Federal Government, and recently published in the Chicago Tribune, nearly 600,000 whites are victims of violent crimes committed by blacks every single year in the United States. (Approximately 65,000 blacks are victims of violent crime committed by a white or Hispanic perpetrator each year.)