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MIT student arrested in Logan bomb scare

Comment by John Kennedy (New England CofCC)

Well, one of America’s so-called “best and brightest” was arrested yesterday in Logan Airport for carrying what she calls “a peice of art.” Apparently she forgot she had a circuit board with putty, batteries, wires and pretty much everything else you’d expect to find in a terrorist-built explosive (other than the explosives themselves) taped to her chest.

At one point, she told police she wore the fake bomb to a party the night before and forgot it was there. But for some reason, when asked about it at the airport she simply turned around and tried to leave. She was stopped by State Cops with machine guns and K-9’s. 

This is the second time in the last month, and the third time this year, that a fake bomb scare has been created by a MIT student. I’m starting to get the feelling we are exposing people with serious mental issues to way too much knowledge. MIT is a great school and a lot of great people graduate from there; but this is begining to get ridiculous. Where do they find some of these people?

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