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Vermont Plantations Being Farmed with Slave Labor

Comment by John Kennedy (New England CofCC)

Traitor alert in Vermont! Vermont farmers are hiding illegals from the outside world, and they admitted it to the Boston Globe, that was kind enough to allow these treacherous Americans to remain unknown to the public. They intentionally put the trailers the slaves live in next to the barns so they can walk through the barns to get to there shacks, and then hired people to drive them around to other farms to visit family. This is felony conspiracy; can you Joe Public say “RICO”?

Why are the FBI and ICE not all over this? The farmer admitted if they had tunnels they would use them, he admitted he told the Illegals not to answer the door for ICE or any federal agents; he admitted he knew “many of them are illegal”. He also admitted some of the reasons he hired these illegals is because labor laws will not permit Americans to work the lengthy hours he wants them to, and he can’t find many Americans willing to the work, which really means he can’t find any Americans to do that work for that cheap.

Why is the reporter not put in jail until he or she admits who this farmer was, similar to what’s happened to other journalists who cover up for criminals and use there press status as a reason to aid felons? This is serious America, these people, the farmers, the transporters of the illegals, and anyone else who knowingly contributes to this felony conspiracy are all guilty of felony charges under the RICO act, they could receive seriously lengthy prison sentences for the felony acts, and treason under the constitution. They should be punished, and punished severely, an example needs to be made of these people.

Anyone from New England who knows who these people are, and wants to see these criminals held accountable for there actions can email me personally (, with the info needed to identify and expose these slave owning traitors. Let me ask you one more question America, is it cheaper to buy a slave, feed it, raise it, house it, take care of its medical expenses in order to keep the investment worthy of what was paid for the slave, or is it cheaper to work an illegal alien to the bone, and give him far less money than any American could possibly live on, and make him work in conditions far below the legal standard? The answer is, these so called bleeding heart liberals are actually exploiting illegals far worse than the original Irish slaves and then later on the Black ones, these farmers are profiting off illegal labor at a higher rate than the old plantation owners of the south did hundreds of years ago. This is hypocritical and disgusting behavior for any American to be involved in at any level, justice must be served and even if it kills me, I will do my best to see that it is.

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