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The Jena 6 "BLING." News Team

“No $50’s in my stack” – Robert Bailey Jr.

Robert Baily Jr is the son of an NAACP chairwoman and one of the thugs charged with brutally beating Justin Barker. Despite that fact that he has received free representation since the beginning, donations for his “legal defense” have poured in by the tens of thousands due to pro-Jena 6 left-wing agit-prop in the Washington Post and other left-wing papers.

In these pictures Robert Bailey Jr, and fellow alleged perpetrator Carwin Jones pose with piles of 100 dollar bills and show off brand new jewelry. Should mail fraud be added to their list of charges?

[youtube OAZQlgPO8qc]

Al Sharpton incites racial hatred against white people and wants all charges dropped against Jena 6.

[youtube RfOJf_O40kQ]

Robert Bailey’s Myspace Page.