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The Jena 6 News Team

The Truth about Jena, by Jared Taylor

Jena Through the Looking Glass, by Steve Sailor

Photo at left: The forgotten victim of a brutal hate crime.

Photo below at right. Robert Bailey, one of the attackers, alledged posted this photo of himself on the internet with 100 dollar bills.

The following was written by a 35 year old lady who lives in Jena.

It’s my home town..The truth about the whole matter is Michael Bell and Robert Bailey are two of many that are trouble makers in the town. The black community will not speak out (unless related to the 6) Bell had 4 other charges against him before the Dec ATTACK.They terrorized their own community. Did you know that his momma is driving a brand new Jag and Bailey’s mom got a new BMW???? Robert Bailey’s myspace page has him laying on a bed covered in $100 bills captioned “pay day”$400,000 has been raised from people who care about the Jena 6 and the money is being spent Bell’s mom is the NAACP chairman for Jena chapter. The 4 other moms are wanting some of that money too. Michael Bell has to answer for the probation violations too.

payday_jena_bailey.jpgHurricane Katrina brought 200 people to Jena. Some of them were gang members. They planted a few negative seeds in the soil of this town and it turned some good boys into trouble makers. Its been hell ever since. They pull random people over in their cars and beat the shit out of them, that is gang initiation. (Beat up a stranger and you are in the gang)! Jena’s head cheerleader and co captain are black. The homecoming court has black girls on it. Is that racism? Predominately white school that votes for these types of positions? that should count for something. There is just much more that what the media wants you to know.