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UK Daily Mail reports story that could rock America to its core. News Team

A major newspaper in the United Kingdom is reporting that Saddam Hussein offered to go into exile in exchange for $1 Billion US dollars. An amount that equals 1/300th what the United States has spent on the War in Iraq so far, and would have required zero American fatalities.

Prior to the invasion, about a dozen countries offered Saddam Hussein safe haven in an effort to stop the war. Members of the Bush administration publicly praised the offers. Donald Rumsfeld is quoted in a January 2003 BBC article saying he would be “delighted” if the Iraqi leadership left Iraq with their families for safe haven somewhere else. Rumsfeld stated, “I think that that would be a fair trade to avoid a war.”

However, the UK Daily Mail and the Spanish newspaper El Pais are now reporting that transcripts of a conversation between Bush and the former Prime Minister of Spain during a meeting at Bush’s ranch in February, show a completely different policy. Bush appears to reject an offer by Hussein to leave the country.

If verified, the story could rock American politics to its core.

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