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Actual Hate Crimes. News Team

There are hate crimes and then their are hate crimes. One kind makes the national news, the other kind is buried by the media.

trooper.jpgSix blacks have been arrested for the execution style murder of a white state trooper. Read Article.

Arrests Made In Murder Trial:
Oct. 3 — Terrell McLaughlin, 30, of St. Clair Village. Warrant from April for rape and sexual assault.
Oct. 3 — Devon A. Poellnitz, 24, of Washington, Pa. To be arraigned on charges filed in August of conspiracy and retail theft at Pittsburgh Mills in Tarentum.
Oct. 4 — Lisa Marie LaMonde. Theft from purses in courtroom.
Oct. 10 — Mollett’s sister, Faness Shaneik Jones, 29, of Wilmerding. Witness intimidation.
Oct. 11 — Paul Rodriguez Sirmons, 36, of Oakland. Criminal trespass.
Oct. 15 — Byron Rice. Arrested on charges of failure to pay child support.

kaylafanaei.jpgCollege student murdered when she pulled over in an all black Birmingham neighborhood to talk on a cell phone. Read Article.

Two white women stabbed, one dies, while participating in meals on wheels. The suspect is a black male. Read Article.

15 year old black teen murders elderly white woman. Read Article.