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Baby attacked in brutal racially motivated assault. News Team

Another savage hate crime is ignored by the media. A white female was savagely pulled and beaten from her car by three black teenage girls, who then threw the woman’s baby from the window of a moving vehicle.

From Local News…

Blakeman said three women stood in front of her car on 25th Street near Corby Street. They asked her for a ride and when she refused, they allegedly pulled her from the car and took off.

Blakeman found her child down the street in the yard of an abandoned home. At first, she said, she couldn’t find her son.

“The only way I found him was, I followed his crying, because he was screaming,” Blakeman said.

Blakeman said on Thursday that she’s shaken by the assault and robbery. Blakeman was home in Lake Manawa, Iowa, on Thursday with her son and husband, Keith. She said three teens told her to get out of her car, assaulted her, pulled her out by her hair and hit her in the head with an object. She said her glasses broke in the process.

“It was hard and it hurt. They messed up my face really bad, just behind my ear and my jaw. I have bald spots on my head because they were trying to pull me out by my hair,” Blakeman said. “They started pulling on my hair, hitting on my face and they started covering my nose and mouth with their hands because I was screaming for help, I was trying to get someone to help.”

Blakeman ran into a nearby community center to call for help. She and her son were taken to Creighton University Medical Center where they were treated for minor injuries and released.

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