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Black juror deadlocks EMU murder trial. News Team

In the case of a white female college student brutally raped and murdered in her dorm room, a black female juror (and one other unidentified juror) refuses to convict of any murder charge. Read Article.

[youtube iPTvv4QcYXw]

The suspect Orange Taylor;

1) Admits to going to the dormitory to commit burglary.

2) Admits being in the dorm room of the murdered victim.

3) Claims he found her already dead and only masturbated over her corpse.

Despite overwhelming evidence, a black female juror has refused to convict. Read Past Coverage.

Black female juror can’t even articulate her reason for wanting an acquittal to the media. When asked what evidence she would need to see to convict, she answers “I don’t know.” The bottom line is that the juror refused to convict, because the suspect was black.

[youtube PS0o83lxB7I]

Readers of will remember just a few weeks ago an “OJ Simpson Style” Jury freed a black thug for the brutal racially motivated murder of a white man. The suspect laughed in court when his lawyer admitted that the suspect and five black friends entered a white neighborhood for the purpose of attacking white people. His lawyer told the jury that there was no way to be sure which of the six thugs was responsible for the murder so none of them should be charged with the murder. Read Article.