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Brothers to go on trial for execution killings. News Team

Two black males, who are brothers, are finally going to trial for the kidnap and murder of five white victims in 1983 dubbed the KFC killings.

The trial draws parallels to the two worst serial killings in US history, the San Fransisco Zebra Killings of 73 and 74 and the Nat Turner killings in 1831. In both of those cases, large numbers of whites were picked at random for execution style killings by groups of blacks. 51 men, women, and children were killed by the Nat Turner Killers. The Zebra killers left 71 dead in the San Fransisco area. Many were also raped or tortured. 10 more victims were wounded in attempted murders. Read Article on Zebra Killers

The Zebra Killings are one of the largest politically motivated coverups by the US media in the history of the United States. The majority of Americans have never heard of the murders.

Advances in DNA finally solved the KFC killings. Read Article.