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Brownback drops out! News Team

Brownback concedes; Support for the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill killed hopes of becoming president.

From CNN…

He also admitted that the high-profile debate on an immigration reform bill in the Senate this summer did not help his presidential campaign. His support for the bill angered some conservatives in the GOP base, who charged the measure amounted to providing “amnesty” to illegal immigrants.

From AP…

Brownback was hurt because he supports a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, an issue that angers conservatives who influence voting in Iowa and other states that are struggling to provide education, medical care and other services to an influx of immigrants in recent years.

People close to Brownback said it was unlikely he would endorse another candidate on Friday.

Senators Brownback and McCain both saw their support plummet during the battle over the Senate Amnesty bill last spring. Brownback was an original co-sponsor of the McCain-Kennedy plan, but removed his sponsorship when he felt a backlash. Then Brownback continued to vote yes on procedural votes to move the bill forward, while his campaign frantically claimed he was against it. Finally, on the procedural vote that killed the amnesty bill, Brownback voted yes first and changed his vote to no minutes later. He watched how the other senators voted and when he realized it was going to fail, he changed his vote to a no to be on the winning side.

McCain, also, has seen his support plummet over the Amnesty bill. McCain raised nearly 14 million in the 1st quarter and led national polls until public debate over the Amnesty bill reached a fevered pitch on talk radio and the internet. In the 3rd quarter McCain raised less than six million, and ended the quarter in debt. Many pundits agree that McCain has dropped for 1st tier to 2nd teir status over his Amnesty bill with Kennedy.