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Bush sides with ADL and Europe's extreme socialist left. News Team

The ADL, a well funded far left Jewish organization, and Western Europe’s Socialist and Communists parties are trying to protect the image of the nation of Turkey. The ADL defends Turkey because they are Israel’s only real ally in the region. The great assortment of Socialist and Communist parties in Europe promote and defend Turkey, because they want Turkey admitted into the EU. By admitting Turkey, tens of millions of Muslim Turks will be immigrating to and voting in European elections. Muslim Turks who are already eligible to vote, do so overwhelmingly for Socialist and Communist parties. In Belgium, Muslim immigrants from Turkey and North Africa vote for Socialist candidates by a margin of nearly 90%.

The ADL, which launched a major attack campaign to try to keep the movie Passion of Christ from getting a major distributor and lists it legal work for banning prayer in school and supporting forced busing as major accomplishments, has been asking the Federal government to side with official Turkish Government claims that they did not massacre Christians during WWI.

Now, on behalf of the ADL and threats from Turkey of stirring up Kurds in Iraq, president George Bush has urged congress to vote “no” on a resolution that deems the mass murder of Armenian and Greek Christians during WWI as “genocide.”

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