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Canadian media downplays brutal hate crime. News Team

Two young white 14 year old girls were brutally attacked and beaten by as many as 15 Haitian teenage females at a Burger King in the north side of Montreal last week. The attack happened at a public park during their High School lunch hour. The area has seen large scale immigration from Haiti. The attackers were from a majority Haitian school and the two victims were from a major white school.

Believe it or not, the Montreal Globe and Mail reported on the brutal attack calling it a “spat.”

The assault was actually video taped and posted on the internet by the attackers. The video shows more Haitian students cheering in the background.

One day after the attack, police witnessed a group of about 20 teenage Haitians in the area smashing windows of the majority white school.

A spokesman for the local High School assured us, “we have to remember this is an isolated case involving only a few individuals.” (by few they mean over a dozen). A Haitian parent told the media, “it was just children being children.”