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CofCC holds annual events. News Team

The CofCC held a number of annual events during the past two weeks.

Two weekends ago, the Carrol County CofCC held their annual fund raising cookout for Carroll Academy in Carrollton, Mississippi. Led by CofCC vice president Bill Lord, nearly 2,500 Chicken halves were BBQ’d for nearly 2,000 people. The event raised thousands of dollars for the private academy. This is one of two huge BBQ fund raisers for Mississippi private academies that are conducted by the CofCC each year.

The event was reported in the Carrollton Conservative, and the Greenwood Commonwealth newspapers.

Also, this past weekend, the CofCC held annual chapter cookouts in St. Louis and Eastern PA. The cookouts drew a combined total of about 150 people.

Pictures of the events will be posted in the photo gallery shortly.