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Fred Thompson & Aristide. News Team

by Kyle Rogers

Fred Thompson is criticized for his role in the defense of Scooter Libby and accepting $760,000 to protect the British reinsurance company Equitas from asbestos claims after he left the Senate in 2002. However, everyone is entitled to proper legal representation in the United States. It’s part of the American way. Criticizing a lawyer for his clients is not always fair or ethical.

However, no American has any business lobbying congress on behalf a brutal socialist dictator in 3rd World country. However, Republican Presidential candidate Fred Thompson did just that. He registered as a foreign lobbyist to lobby on behalf of Jean Betrand Aristide.

Aristide was the brutal socialist dictator of Haiti who, in September 1991, called on followers to “necklace” his political opponents. Necklacing is brutal form of murdering someone popularized by Winni Mandela in South Africa, where a gasoline soak tire is placed around a victims and set on fire.

When the Organization of American States accused Aristide of rigging elections, Thompson agreed to work as a lobbyist on his behalf. Thompson’s efforts contributed to the Clinton administration putting Aristide back in power. An effort that severely embarrassed the United States when Aristide rigged elections again in 2000 and fled Haiti as his country disintegrated into an even worse state than it was already in.

With Thompson’s seemingly moral ambiguousness in accepting clients to lobby for, it is easy to see why Congressman Jim Cooper once called him “a Gucci-wearing, Lincoln-driving, Perrier-drinking, Grey Poupon-spreading millionaire Washington special interest lobbyist.”

View a disclosure of Thompson’s service to Aristide.