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Giuliani: Neocon Tool

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

It is revealing of a man by the company he keeps. It is even more revealing of a political candidate by the supporters he or she has. Rudy Giuliani already has a closet full of skeletons from his past as US attorney and mayor of New York City. Support of gun control, public funding of abortion, friend extraordinar of the gay community, ect has all been discussed here by the Council. What is really disturbing, if Sean Hannity (Property of Rupert Murdoch) gets his way, is now the prospect that Giuliani is poised to win the Republican Party nomination. He is also surrounded by a crowd who’s names are familiar to us all and who’s fingerprints are all over the biggest strategic disaster committed by the United States, the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Among the men advising and supporting Rudy Giuliani is Richard Perle, former official in the Reagan Administration and adviser in both Bush Administrations. Perle is also connected most famously with prominent member’s of the Likud Party in Israel. Though Perle denies any secret agenda to influence America’s foreign policy on the behalf of Israel he is hardly about to discuss the 1970 incident where he was caught by an FBI wiretap discussing classified information with two Israeli intelligence agents. Perle also serves as a director of Hollinger International which just happens to own the Jerusalem Post. The same Republicans who scream about Hillary Clinton’s conflicts of interest are mute on this obvious conflict of interest for Giuliani. A man accused of spying for a foreign government, who owns a share in a foreign nation’s newspaper, and one who encouraged the invasion of Iraq is now whispering into Giuliani’s ear the same way he whispered into that of George Bush.

Next we come to David Frum, former speech writer and adviser of George Bush II. Not even an American citizen, Frum has recently joined Giuliani’s foreign policy team. Now we have not only a possible former spy working for Giuliani, but now a foreign national working on developing the foreign policy of the next possible president of the United States. While men like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity can’t wait to question the Chinese military giving money to the Clinton’s in 1996, they are deathly silent about the presence of a foreign national in the Bush White House and on Giuliani’s campaign team. Frum, like Perle, also argued for the War in Iraq and for a democratization of the region by the United States, using military force if necessary. He most famously labeled men like Pat Buchanan and other conservatives against the invasion of Iraq as unpatriotic and possibly anti-Semitic. This obvious slander, plus the blowback from Iraq has hardly seemed to humble Frum who now calls for the invasion of Iran. Wrong then and wrong now he is nonetheless offering advice and counsel to the leading Republican candidate for the Presidential race. Should the Old Right and America First foreign policy advocates put a dimes worth of trust in Giuliani with men such as these advising him?

Lastly we come to Norman Podhoretz, senior foreign policy advisor on the Giuliani team. Norman is the godfather of neo-conservatism and perhaps represents all of their bad qualities, while offering no redeemable features. A student of the Marxist Lionel Trilling, the former leftist shifted during the 1970’s because of the Nixon Administration’s role in aiding the Israelis fight off the attack by Syria and Egypt in 1973. He has since then become an intellectual of sorts in advising American politicians why they must be no different then Woodrow Wilson in foreign policy. Podhoretz was one of the signatories of the notorious Project of the New American Century letter which called for the Jacobin expansion of democracy around the world at bayonet point. Podhoretz is now, like Perle and Frum, calling for a pre-emptive assault on Iran stating that the consequences of any attack couldn’t be worse then the consequence of Iran attaining nuclear weapons. He omits that all of his, Perle’s, and Frum’s predictions about invading Iraq were dead wrong. Can we accept four or eight more years of a president taking the advice of the neocons? What does it say of Giuliani’s judgment that he is surrounding himself with these men despite all of the time that has passed since March 2003 and now?

The words of these men offer a frightening picture of the future if Giuliani is elected president of the United States. The same men who led America into the quick sand of Mesopotamia are demanding we step in deeper instead of climbing out as best as we can. America can’t afford to do this again. We took their word once and were betrayed and it is up to each and everyone of us to reject Giuliani and any candidate who promises nothing less then a rejection of the Trotskyite foreign policy of the neocons. In 1989 Pat Buchanan wrote a paper that sums up everything we should stand for in foreign policy. It is simply but powerfully titled “America First, Second, and Third.”