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Illegal alien and visa holder on probabtion arrested in California Arsons. News Team

Authorities have arrested at least six suspects in the California arsons and a sixth was killed during a battle with police. Details on all the suspects are not know.

Catalino Pineda, a Guatemalan day laborer was arrested for being a suspected arsonist in the California wildfires. While he was a visa holder, he was on probation for other crimes. His visa had not been revoked for criminal activity.

Gorgonio Nava and an unidentified juvenile were arrested for allegedly starting a fire in a San Diego suburb. Nava is currently being held by ICE, so it is suspected he is an illegal alien. Nava also has a criminal record in the United States, but was not deported.

Three other unidentified suspects have also been arrested and a third was killed when he battles police.