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Jena 6 highlights the biggest problem with the black community. News Team

The complete excusing of violent behavior and cavalier attitudes towards crime is perhaps the biggest problem plaguing the black community in America.

Should Mychal Bell be held responsible for his numerous violent offenses, including nearly killing a boy in a racially motivated mob assault? No, “kids will be kids” says Mychal Bell’s lawyer on national television.

From the Dr. Phil Show…

Dr. Phil addresses Carol Powell Lexing, the lawyer for Mychal Bell. Bell was the only member of the Jena 6 who spent 10 months behind bars. “My understanding is that he has a record of four previous violent crimes. Is that true?” he asks.

“In regards to whether it’s violent or not, I can’t say that. But I will say that kids can be kids. And concerning his previous history, that has nothing to do with this case at hand,” she replies.

Dr. Phil addresses a list of Mychal’s previous crimes. “This is the fifth time that he’s been in the system, and the other four have been adjudicated. Is that correct?”

“That’s from proceedings that should have remained confidential,” Carol replies. “It should not have any bearing upon this current situation.”