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Leading Rabbi bucks multi-culturalism. News Team

“Multiculturalism has run its course” – Chief Rabbi Sacks.

One of the British commonwealth’s leading Rabbis, who is a strong advocate of religious schools for Jews and opposes Jewish intermarriage, says assimilation is not the answer. In his new book he shocked readers by saying that Britain is becoming a hotel where people don’t have roots and therefore don’t feel any responsibility for the well being of Britain. Sacks stated to the media, “This book is probably politically incorrect in the highest order. And if it isn’t, well at least I intended it to be.”

Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks has been Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth since September 1, 1991, the sixth incumbent since 1845.

Widely recognized as one of the world’s leading contemporary exponents of Judaism, Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair said of him (March 2004): “ Jonathan Sacks is truly a towering figure in the intellectual life of Britain today. He ranges with extraordinary ease across different fields, making a contribution that is uniquely and distinctively his own. In particular, as few other people can, he relates the insights of religion to the modern world and retells the story of faith in a compelling way, and that is a rare and remarkable achievement.”